A new anthology has arrived from Singapore’s premier poetry publisher Ethos Press. Edited by Boey Kim Cheng, Arin Alycia Fong and Justin Chia. It’s a handsome volume with poetry from the UK, USA, Europe and Australia. (The veggies are from Louis’ on Glebe Point Road!)  For blurb scroll down.

Asian Diasporic Anthology IMG_0213

Blurb: “Tracking the developments of Asian diaspora poetry in America, Australia, UK and Europe, To Gather Your Leaving is a groundbreaking global anthology that explores new ways of looking at nation, culture, identity, and place. Gathered here are established and new poets who are émigrés, refugees, and descendants of Asian migrants, poets who straddle two or more languages, cultures, and places, and who question and complicate the notion of home in the age of global change and transnational crossings. The poems collected here, spanning over three decades and representing three generations, eschew straightforward answers to the questions of identity and citizenship, offering profoundly rich, diverse and moving perspectives on what it means to belong on this earth.”