In the latest issue of Cordite (No  41 ‘Transpacific’) guest co-editor Michael Nardone has put together a body of new poetry under the theme ‘Transpacifc. He writes

For years I’ve looked toward the Pacific…In the work I’ve read thus far, the overlap of indigenous, colonial, and neoliberal rhetorics and histories is, for me, the most intriguing theme that pulls the strongest works together. he also quotes Susan Schultz, who writes: “I cannot fathom the Pacific”.

Read more of Nardone’s intro and links to the poems here.

Co-editor Jessica Rowe writes

In the case of the Pacific, how else can that space, that parenthesised wordlessness be articulated but collectively? For the sake of this issue, ‘trans’ – across, over, beyond – provides a literal and conceptual starting point. If we are going across, over, beyond, there must then be origin and destination, a point A and point B. As well as the more direct interpretations of migration, both human and animal, we see that expanse traversed though other means; linguistically, commercially, epistolarily.

Read co-editor Jessica Rowe’s reply to Michael’s letter here.Image