At the Asia-Pacific Network conference of writers and translators in Bangkok, I managed to meet Zeyer Lynn, Burma’s prominent contemporary experimentalist and promoter of what could be called avantgarde poetics in Myanmar.


His Jacket2 bio reads:


 Zeyar Lynn is poet, critic, writer, translator, language instructor, living in Yangon (Rangoon). With James Byrne and Ko Ko Thett, he is currently editing the first anthology of Burmese poetry in English..


A good link to his own work is the poetryinternational site where you can find a poem in Burmese and English. It’s a vigorous, politically engaged poem, with Zeyer Lynn’s brand of wit and irony. It’s not particularly LANGUAGE based though, unless the Burmese version is where the language really plays. And there’s a link to Jacket2 where his essay appears on what looks like a Charles Bernstein page. It’s odd that Zeyer’s image does not appear there, so I will re-post it here: